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Smoking cessation

Hypnosis is a great way to help you stop smoking and if you are reading this with the positive intention of stopping, then congratulations!

"I smoke to relieve stress"    "I'm worried about my health"   "It's the cost"

"My partner hates me smoking"   "It's just natural to smoke with a drink" 

"The smell is horrible"   "My teeth are brown"  "Part of me really likes it"   "It's sociable" 

Perhaps some of these statements apply to you? Perhaps there are other statements you could think of? The reasons people want to stop smoking are many and varied. By understanding what drives you to smoke and what will motivate you to stop we can create a treatment plan best suited to you using hypnosis and/or other interventions. 

To get the full benefit of our services, you must really want to stop smoking and be prepared to put the effort in. 

Why not book a 1 hour consultation for £25 to find out more?

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