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Self confidence, presenting and public speaking

The reasons for self-confidence (or lack of it) are varied and complex for each individual, some of these new, some more longstanding.

"I'm no good in front of a large audience"    "I'll freeze ..........." 

"They're so much better than I am"  "I've got nothing to offer"

"I haven't got the confidence to........"    "I'm useless at ........"         

Can you "teach" confidence or is it a fixed personality trait? At positive steps therapy we believe that lack of confidence in whatever area is most often a learned behaviour shaped by our environment, experiences and those around us. Just as you can learn a behaviour, so you can "unlearn" it if you can explore what caused you to learn it in the first place. 

At positive steps we can offer a number of interventions that can help you “learn” to be more confident when required, whether it's for presentations at work, making that wedding speech or just being more confident and assertive in general.

Why not book a 1 hour consultation for £25 to find out more?

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