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Weight management

Instead of never ending diet plans, calorie counting and points try a different approach tailored to your mindset. 

Diet plans can work for some people, certainly in the short term, and the results can initially be very rewarding. However for many, diets either don't work or are not sustainable in the long term.

Often diets are based on prescriptive regimes - you must have fewer calories, you must exercise more - and/or involve aversion - you can't have these foods, use of points and so on. In principle this is fine but they don't always consider potential underlying root causes, learned behaviours and motivations which for some people is necessary to address as part of a weight management strategy.

By understanding what influences your eating behaviours and what will help and motivate you to change them for the better we can create a treatment plan best suited to you using hypnosis and/or other interventions. 

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